Easy and Delicious Shahi Lassi

No ifs, ands or buts, we as a whole can concur that lassi in summers feels like paradise. The chilly goodness made with curd and blended in with sugar and squashed mint leaves is perhaps the most invigorating things to have in summers. Everybody has their own interpretation of lassi, from caf├ęs to bistros and to little sellers in the city. We have made varieties of lassi like mango lassi, orange lassi, cucumber lassi and so forth. With the gigantic love for this beverage, we bring you one of an illustrious kind - Shahi Lassi! The thick, rich and reviving taste of shahi lassi will cause you to feel full in only one glass. 

Lassi, which begins from Punjab, is a beverage produced using curd and weakened with water. In this, a decent measure of sugar is added and is served chilled. This beverage is generally well known with road merchants who serve the scrumptious lassi with chole bhature, paranthe, aloo puri or in a real sense some other dish you might want to match it with! 

Curd is the saint element of lassi which has numerous medical advantages, particularly whenever devoured (with some restraint) in summers. Curd is a probiotic food that is known to help absorption, construct resistance, brings down pulse and work with weight reduction. Curd is additionally known to be plentiful in calcium, nutrient B12 and phosphorus. 

Easy and Delicious Shahi Lassi

To make this yummy shahi lassi, you would require chilled curd, saffron, water, one scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt, and dry organic products. Initially take a large portion of some chilled curd and add one scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and one-fourth cup of water. Mix this together. At that point take two-three strands of saffron and weaken the saffron with one tablespoon of water. Empty the saffron blend into your lassi base and overlay the fixings delicately. In conclusion, empty this delectable thickness into a glass and trimming it with dry natural products to appreciate. 

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Make this tasty lassi with your lunch and let us realize how could you like it!