The Best Brownie Mix Brands According to Pro Bakers

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Taste of Home's Test Kitchen examined nine brands to track down the best brownie blend brands. Trust us, these top picks are comparably great as custom made. 

In case you're searching for a wanton yet simple pastry to prepare for a weeknight (or whenever truly), you can never turn out badly with a container of natively constructed brownies. However, how about we get genuine: When you're having a genuine chocolate longing for, you need something quick and fulfilling. That is the place where catching the best brownie blend comes in. 

In any case, do you truly realize which brand is the fudgiest? The chocolatiest? The most enticing? That is the place where Taste of Home's Test Kitchen comes in! 

How we tried brownie blends 

While examining brownie blends is a lovely fun work, Taste of Home's Test Kitchen treats it appropriately! Their group did their examination and bought nine famous brownie blend brands, at that point prepared each precisely as per the bundle guidelines. When heated and cooled, our stars tried these nine brownies in a visually impaired testing, meanwhile remembering these measures: 

• Chocolate flavor: How did the brownies taste? Is it accurate to say that they were super chocolaty? Was the chocolate profound and dull or sweet like milk chocolate? Were there any chocolate chips mixed in with the general mish-mash? Was the chocolate of good quality? 

• Texture: What was the surface of the brownies like? Chewy? Fudge-like? Cakey? 

• Appearance: Did the brownies look mouth-watering? Is it true that they were a dim chocolate conceal? Lighter in shading? Did the top look sensitive and crackly? 

Our test kitchen-favored brownie blend brands 

Our group examined a lot of brownies (there were a couple of scraps left!) and these were the brands that acquired good grades.