How we Tried Brownie Blends

While examining brownie blends is a lovely fun work, Taste of Home's Test Kitchen views it appropriately! Their group did their examination and bought nine famous brownie blend brands, at that point prepared each precisely as indicated by the bundle directions

When prepared and cooled, our geniuses tried these nine brownies in a visually impaired testing, meanwhile remembering these rules: 

Chocolate flavor: 

How did the brownies taste? Is it safe to say that they were super chocolaty? Was the chocolate profound and dim or sweet like milk chocolate? Were there any chocolate chips blended in with the general mish-mash? Was the chocolate of good quality? 


What was the surface of the brownies like? 

Chewy? Fudge-like? Cakey? 

Did the brownies look appealing? 
Is it safe to say that they were a dull chocolate conceal? 
Lighter in shading? Did the top look sensitive and crackly?