10 Scientific Reasons Keep You Away From The Causes Of Sports Injuries

10 Scientific Reasons Keep You Away From The Causes Of Sports Injuries
causes of sports injuries

causes of sports injuries : As more and more people value fitness, exercise and weight loss, sports injuries caused by unscientific sports are becoming more common. According to statistics, among injured patients in emergency hospitals, 7%-22% are injured because of sports injuries. The incidence is almost the same as that of traffic accidents and industrial accidents. The site of sports injury is ranked according to the incidence rate: ankle joint, wrist joint, knee joint, waist, finger and other parts. The severely affected part is cervical and lumbar spine injury (head-down diving, weight-lifting barbell pressing thoracic vertebra, etc.). The types of sports injuries were mainly ligament sprains, muscle strains and soft tissue contusions, accounting for 80% to 99%, and fracture dislocations accounted for 1%.

Although not all sports injuries can endanger life or cause disability, active prevention and treatment of sports injuries is still necessary. Now let's follow the principles of science sports with sports medicine experts to prevent sports injuries!

10 scientific movement theories keep you away from the causes of sports injuries    

1. Scientific fitness and scientific exercise are the most important preventive measures 

For ordinary amateur sports enthusiasts, exercise is more to relieve stress, promote health, reduce body fat and so on. Therefore, exercise should reduce competition and enhance entertainment, so that you can enjoy the process of exercise; at the same time, the sports program should be as diverse as possible, avoid a single movement, and strive for exercise in all parts of the body. When choosing a sports program, you should also choose according to your personal situation. You need to make a step-by-step plan, from slow to fast, less to more, short to long, simple to complex. Taking exercise as an important thing as eating and sleeping, persist in perseverance, and don't interrupt for a long time.   

2. Pay attention to small injuries and minor illnesses 

A large part of the chronic injury is due to the fact that the amount of exercise is not scientific and reasonable in the exercise, which causes the body to be too tired and eventually leads to overwork injury. There are also some people who develop chronic injuries due to an acute injury during exercise without proper treatment or injury that has not fully recovered and resumed exercise. Therefore, in the fitness exercise, special attention should be paid to timely and accurate treatment of acute injuries, and the intensity and time of exercise should be arranged scientifically and reasonably, and the amount of exercise should be mastered to avoid the occurrence of various types of tissue injuries.

3. Preparation activities should be sufficient 
Be sure to do adequate preparation activities before exercising, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of sports injuries. Preparing activities can not only improve the excitability of the central nervous system, overcome the physiological inertia of the body, but also increase the number of open capillaries in the muscles, improve the elasticity of the muscles, and at the same time improve the function of the moving organs, enhance the elasticity of the ligaments, and make the joints Increased synovial fluid in the cavity to prevent damage to muscles and joints. Fitness training can be carried out without preparation activities, and the body function can exert greater work efficiency in 20 to 30 seconds, while the internal organs can exert greater working ability in 2 to 3 minutes. The function of internal organs can not adapt to the requirements of muscle movement, not only affects the performance of sports, but also dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even shock. Therefore, the potential threat of doing fitness without preparing for a sport is very large.

4. Pay attention to the relaxation of exercise interval

When you look at some fitness programs or instructions, you will notice that there are xx seconds of rest between each action (usually tens of seconds or minutes), don't ignore this small break. In fitness, this small rest can eliminate muscle fatigue more quickly and prevent sports injuries due to excessive local burden.  In addition, relaxation should be based on the specificity of the fitness program. For example, if you focus on upper limb exercises, you can do some lower limb exercises during the gap period. This can improve the blood supply, deepen the fatigue of the nerve cells in the limbs, and get rest, which has positive significance for eliminating fatigue and effectively preventing sports injuries.  

5. Pay attention to relaxation after fitness exercise 
After the exercise, the body temperature, heart rate, breathing, and muscle stress are restored to the normal level before exercise by stretching and relaxing. This post-exercise recovery is as important as the warm-up exercise before exercise, and is very meaningful for effective prevention of sports injuries. Targeted relaxation activities based on different fitness programs can prevent muscle tension and congestion after exercise and restore faster.

6. Prevent local overburden 

When doing strength training, the load is too concentrated, which will cause the body to be overburdened and cause sports injuries. If the knee joint is too long to take off, it is easy to cause bone damage; excessive practice of duck steps can cause damage to the collateral ligament and meniscus in the knee. Therefore, in the fitness training should try to avoid monotonous exercise methods to prevent local burdens.
7. Strengthen the exercise of vulnerable parts

The damage of soft tissues such as muscles, joint capsules and ligaments is more common during exercise. Enhancing the strength of the quadriceps can prevent knee joint damage; preventing shoulder joint damage should strengthen the exercise of the deltoid, scapular, pectoralis major and biceps. Therefore, consciously strengthening the exercise of vulnerable parts also plays an important role in preventing injury.

10 Scientific Reasons Keep You Away From The Causes Of Sports Injuries
causes of sports injuries
8. Create a safe environment for exercise 

The fitness person chooses a safe place, equipment, and equipment to understand whether the fitness equipment and equipment have undergone strict safety inspections. The air has to circulate. 
9. Choose the right clothing and shoes 
Fitness athletes choose sports shoes according to their needs. The most important thing is to pay attention to the function and to suit sports and sports environment. Appropriate sneakers can reduce the risk of injury by 30%. If the shoes are not suitable, the feet will be subjected to abnormal pressure for a long time, and the lighter may be bleeding, which may cause damage to the knees, ankles, toes joints and muscles, or even permanent. Structural malformation. 
10. Other things that exercisers should pay attention to
It is not suitable for fitness exercise when you are full or hungry. You should not eat or chew food during exercise, such as food such as chewing gum. Stop the exercise in the acute phase of the disease, and pay attention to self-monitoring of chronic diseases